Fairybliss v.6 “Jeansy” beta

  • January 20th, 2012
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1x1.trans Fairybliss v.6 Jeansy betaSo… it’s finally here! A brand new fresh layout for this blog! I’m really in love with it, it’s simplier than the previous one, but the colour scheme is strong and I truly love the header image! I’ve cropped it from my last fractal piece, Resurrection. This layout has a long long story, and probably I will write an article in the next days with the Work in Progress!

This is still a beta version of the layout, more features will come soon! There are tons of things I want to do and add, and even if this is one of the most terrible periods of the year (University Exams period) I promise you I will use a great part of my free time working at the blog! I’m truly falling in love with it, and I’ve many projects.

Some of the features I want to add is my personal Portfolio, with all my best artworks and shots; also, I want to add a special page with posts about crafts, make up and other girly things that don’t match very well with the actual content of the blog.

However, at the moment, I hope you will enjoy Fairybliss.net Jeansy, please let me know if you like it and if you want to suggest me something to do! A comment will be truly appreciated!

365 Days of Art Series will start again tomorrow!

So… wishing you a great week-end, enjoy this new layout and give a great hug to Fairybliss v5 for the last time:

1x1.trans Fairybliss v.6 Jeansy beta

Fairybliss v5

See you tomorrow!

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  • 1x1.trans Fairybliss v.6 Jeansy beta

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