Fairybliss v.6 first edit!

  • January 26th, 2012
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1x1.trans Fairybliss v.6 first edit!Just a small post to let you know that I’ve decided to make a small edit to Fairybliss.net article organization! During the last months I’ve noticed that the 365 Days of Art posts are too “distracting” for the purpose of the blog. I try to explain better what I mean: since these posts has great size images, and are daily posts, blog articles were “hidden” by tons of 365 posts, and looking for those can be a problem.

So, I’ve decided to exclude this posts category from the homepage of the blog: you will find daily art here on the right, inside the sidebar! I’ve tought of different solutions for this problem, and I think this is the best one. I hope you will appreciate it, in this way you can sort blog posts better!

Let me know if you like this solution!

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  • 1x1.trans Fairybliss v.6 first edit!

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