The Domain was born on an sunny august day. After my first year of university, I decided to transfer my free-hosted-site Magic Star Design to a more serious domain and host. Here was born.

FAIRY: imaginary creature with magical powers and enchantment.

BLISS: a state of complete happiness. More informal, it means PARADISE.

Thanks to MEL for helping me to find this name!



General Credits

Thanks to Shanna e Wintu for their support and for being great friends!

Attention Please: This page is constantly under update, so I will add resources I use frequently. If you feel I forgot you, please contact me.

General Resources Sites:

Smashing Magazine | SpoonGraphics | BittBox | Fam Fam Fam | IconSweets2 | ProBlog Design

Brushes/Textures: |

Inspirational Sites:
CGSociety | DeviantArt | Elysium Design | Web Designer Wall

Magazines and Books:

2D Artist Magazine | Amazing Events | Ballistic Publishing | ImagineFX

Authors, Artist and Illustrators named in this blog:

Andantonius | Bobby Chiu | Marta Dahlig| Dani Jones | Stanley Lau | Hoang Minh Le | Diane Özdamar | Bente Schlick | Jana Schirmer | Katarina Sokolova | Katie de Sousa | Helen South| Stéphanie Valentin | Mario Wibisono


Current Layout

Current Layout, Fairybliss v6, or Jeansy, has a colour scheme based on the header image. I’m the author of this image, which is a crop of my fractal piece Resurrection. My main inspiration was Carol Rivello website, even if now the result is totally different from the inspirational source.

The layout is based on the Fungus WordPress Theme by DynamicWP, which I’ve edited in the most part to suits the layout need.

Icons are from IconSweets2.


Past Layouts

1x1.trans Site

Session 5 was realized following a scrapbook style.

Paper Textures, Doodle Icons are from Spoongraphics.

Watercolour Textures, Cardboard, Brushes and Vectors are from BittBox.

Other brushes are from

I know there are lot of sites based on the scrapbook style, but I truly love it and I want to give my contribute.

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  • 1x1.trans Site

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