Video Tutorials IV – Bobby Chiu

1x1.trans Video Tutorials IV   Bobby ChiuHere’s another article of the video tutorials series! This time, I choose some video tutorials from the amazingly great illustrator Bobby Chiu. He’s a really expert artist, with a lot of talent, his drawings are really particular, with a great study on volumes. I truly suggest you to look at his gallery, he’s an incredible inspiration source.

Bobby Chiu illustration experience grows every day, because he constantly draw, paint and sketch. He should be an example for every beginner (and advanced) artist. He also shares his knowledge with others, so everyone has the chance to learn something from him: he has a blog, a youtube podcast, galleries in the most important art communities. He’s also part of the Imaginism Studio and is a illustration teacher at Schoolism, with an online video courses about Digital Painting.

In the video tutorials I’ve choosen from Bobby’s youtube podcast, he explains the techinques he uses for painting his fantastic creatures.Videos are long, from 20 to 40 minues, and have been a bit speeded up to match Bobby’s vocal explanation.

All Dolled Up

This is a piece commissioned to Bobby Chiu for Sketchbook Pro. There’s also a mini tutorial and interview related to this piece here.



Dragon Dog Creature


Bobby Chiu at DeviantArt | CGSociety | Youtube Podcast

Imaginism Studio


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  • 1x1.trans Video Tutorials IV   Bobby Chiu
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  1. LillyBug
    4:07 pm on August 12th, 2010

    These are great! I’m such a big fan of Bobby!! :D
    Do you have any idea what he’s doing between 11:25 and circa 12:40 in the last video (where he draws Stitch)? I know he opens a new Levels Layer and after that he paints with Black and White (which means he’s still on that “Levels” layer… But when I try nothing happens.. Any idea? ;)


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