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1x1.trans Art Lessons Online at idrawgirlsHave you ever heard about idrawgirls? I discovered this fantastic place some years ago, when I started learning more about digital painting and drawing. At that time I was looking for video tutorials and lessons to learn the basic of figure drawing and I accidentally found this site… what a surprise! I found tons of video tutorials about… everything!

But first let’s talk about the author, the artist who’s behind this project. His name is Xia Taptara, aka idrawgirls, a Concept/3D Artist living in Seattle, WA, United States. As he states in his website, he founded “idrawgirls” during 2007, to motivate himself to draw better, refine his skill, experiment and to be free to draw everything he wants.

We have to distinguish about two different web addresses for idrawgirls: the BLOG, hosted by blogspot, and the WEBSITE, who has its own adress.The blog is where Xia posts his FREE Video Tutorials. At the moment, he made about 300 free video tutorials covering the most important parts of art, like Figure Drawing, Portrait, Landscape, Anime and Manga, Sketching and so on, and you can watch and learn them for free. They can be both digital and traditional art tutorial.

The other part of this great project is about Premium Video Tutorials. They located at the website, you can buy them paying with credit card and instantly download them. I’ve purchased some of them and I must say I’m satisfied: the price is honest, each tutorial is over two hours of lesson, divided in chapters, with bonus materials like brushes and a pdf e-book with a summary of the lesson. Each tutorial cover a particolar argument of illustrating: Female Figure, Female Portrait, Male Muscle and so on, till more complex arguments about Landscapes and Speedpainting. Premium Tutorials are 20 at the moment, but I’m new lessons will come!

As I’ve said, I’ve bought some of these Premium Tutorials during these years, and I’ve found them really useful. If you are interested, I can write some reviews!

TIPS: If you join idrawgirls newsletter, you can receive some bonus like free video tutorials download and coupon codes to get discount for the premium contents, when avaiable!

If you as unsure about purchasing and want some review of idrawgirls’s premium tutorial I own, just ask.


Here, just an example of Xia’s tutorials:

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