Wishlist #2 – Photography part 1

1x1.trans Wishlist #2   Photography part 1

My photography wishlist! It’s time to add some more items to my newborn Wishlist. You need to know that the way I like Digital Art, specially Digital Painting, I love Photography too. Since 2009, I’m the proud owner of a digital SLR Canon EOS 40D which I carry with me whenever I can. I love it, and I love my EF lenses too. Maybe I will write a post about my photography equipment in the future. My boyfriend has my same passion for photography, and we started learning together; he own a Canon EOS too and has his own lenses. We share our equipment and our knowledge together and while each one prefers some fields of photography, we are always expanding our experiences and views in every genre of this art.

Photography is an expensive passion: SLR bodies, lenses, filters, tripods, bags, sadly you have to spent a lot of money if you are looking for high quality equipment. This is why we share our lenses and sometimes we collect moneys together to buy what we need. And the equipment grows really really slowly during the years; it’s a bit frustrating because when you start with photography, you are like “look at this amazing wide-angle” or “wow a 300mm 2.8 lens” or “this is an 85mm 1.2!!!”.

In this post I will not list the Canon lenses I would like to buy, since they are too many and I have to organize my ideas and my wishes better for this field. Instead, today I want to list you some accessories I’d like to own and that I hope to get one day.

Camera Bags: Kelly Moore Bag

From the day I bought my SLR, I started looking for a camera bag. The perfect camera bag… perfect for me. When you travel, for a shooting session or during vacation, I think the best way to carry all the items you need is using a backpack. You carry it on both your shoulders and you can walk or stay with it up for a very long time, without hurting yourself; in this case I ended up getting a Tamrac backpack, which makes its work very well.

But for everyday normal life, I think it will be better a camera bag. The camera bag of my dreams should have been comfortable, with lots of space inside for everything I need and, possibly, cute. Ok, you know, I’m a girl and I want some style… I don’t like the most of camera bags designs, they are functional, but they are well recognizable and since SLR items needs a lot of space they have to be big: so you can’t carry with you the camera bag, your normal bag, and sometimes the laptop bag!

Then, some months ago, I discovered Kelly Moore Bags… and a new world opened to me. It seems that some years ago the photographer Kelly Moore was looking for my same camera bag… and decided to created it! She started designing a new genre of camera bags: they’re stylish but functional, they seems normal women bags and at the same time they carry your photography equipment safely during the day. And some of them can carry laptops too. THIS is my perfect everyday camera bag, this is what I was looking for!

My favourite one is Mimi Bag. I really like the design and it can carry lots of things… I love the black one!

1x1.trans Wishlist #2   Photography part 1

Kelly Moore Mimi Bag

My second choice from Kelly’s catalogue is the Classic Bag. It can carry less things, but it’s lovely and useful too! I love the Grey one, but the Fuchsia bag is lovely too.

1x1.trans Wishlist #2   Photography part 1

Kelly Moore Classic Bag

They can be purchased by Kelly Moore online shop and each bag cost 199$. At the moment it’s too much for me, I hope I will be selected in one of Kelly’s monthly giveaways to get one!

Addictional Lenses: Lensbaby

Few years ago I discovered Lensbaby, a really specific type of DSLR Lenses for creative and artistic effects… and I totally fell in love with them. I specially fell in love with Composer PRO (with double glass) for Canon.

1x1.trans Wishlist #2   Photography part 1

Let’s read what Lensbaby says about this lens:

The Composer Pro offers silky smooth focus and tilt/swivel ability. With its refined design and sturdy metal construction, it’s a step up from the Composer. It is the premium choice for professional photographers and videographers everywhere.

This kind of lens lets photographer play with blurs and bokeh, tilting the optics to achieve special creative effects that normal SRL lenses cannot get, and it is cheaper than a tilt-shift lens.

Lensbaby produces also other type of lenses, like Composer (not Pro), Muse, Control Freak, and Scout. They all let you play with blur and each lens get a different effect.

The funny part of this type of products is that you can change the optic inside the lens. Lensbaby in fact produces a whole range of optics that can be added to the lenses, and each optic has a different purpose and effect. So you can find a fish-eye optic, a double glass, a single glass, a plastic optic, a soft focus, a pinhole optic. And you can change manually the aperture with particular plastic disk to put in front of the optic itself.

But there are two more optics that caught my attention: Edge 80 and Sweet 35!


1x1.trans Wishlist #2   Photography part 1

Lensbaby Edge80 Optic

This is what Lensbaby says about this optic:

The Edge 80 Optic is an 80mm f/2.8 flat field of focus optic with a 12-blade adjustable aperture and is perfect for portraits. Edge 80 must be used in a Lensbaby lens body.

When tilted, Edge 80 delivers a slice of tack sharp focus through the image, bordered by a soft blur. When pointed straight ahead, Edge 80 can be used like a straight lens.

Edge 80 can also be used to great effect in any situation that lends itself to selective focus – from food photography to giving landscapes a “miniature” appearance. To learn more, visit the Edge 80 hub.

Amazing, isn’t it? And this is Sweet 35:

1x1.trans Wishlist #2   Photography part 1

Lensbaby Swet 35 Optic

From Lensbaby:

The Sweet 35 Optic is a 35mm selective focus optic with a 12-blade adjustable aperture that creates a tack sharp Sweet Spot of focus surrounded by blur. Experience an unprecedented level of creative control over the size of the Sweet Spot.

The Sweet 35 Optic boasts the widest focal length of any selective focus Lensbaby optic and features close-focus capabilities.

I really like these two optics, I hope I can get them soon!

For more info about Prices and Resellers, visit Lensbaby website.



Last but not least, photography books. I recently discovered LAB colour space, and I would like to learn more about it. So I discovered two interesting books by Dan Margulis:

1x1.trans Wishlist #2   Photography part 1

Dan Margulis Photoshop Books

From what I read, they are like the Bible of Post Production, and I would like to get them. Unluckily they costs a bit (about 30 dollars / 40 euros each one). So I don’t think I will get them really soon.


The Updated Wishlist

So… finally I can update my Wishlist; I hope I can get some of these items in the future and to review them for you!




What about you? Do you like photography? Do you own some of these items? Suggestion are well accepted!

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  • 1x1.trans Wishlist #2   Photography part 1

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