Making of Bunnies Land by Davide Tosello

1x1.trans Making of Bunnies Land by Davide ToselloToday I discover this Digital Painting Tutorial, wrote by an Italian artist, Bunnies Land by Davide Tosello, on CG Arena. I’m really happy when I discover Italian digital painters, and I’m more happy when they are selected by international communities for interviews or tutorials like this… it’s something like national pride :) .

So… Davide Tosello is a talented 2D artist living in Vercelli, Italy, and working in a gaming company; from his personal website and his blog I discovered he mainly works as 2d artist in digital painted illustrations and environments; his works are really good, and I really like the illustration Bunnies Land, featured in this tutorial.

12 Fan Art Painting Video Tutorials by idrawgirls

1x1.trans 12 Fan Art Painting Video Tutorials by idrawgirlsToday I’m going to show you some amazing free video tutorials by idrawgirls, Xia Taptara. I’ve already told everything about him, his site and his tutorials; so, today, I’ve decided to browse his many tutorials and select some for you.

I’ve decided to select all the tutorials with a common theme: so, today video tutorials will feature famous characters from films, games or comics, such as Star Wars, Diablo 3, X-Men.

Each tutorial has its own article with a step-by-step video, a link to custom brushes and work in progress images. Videos are commented by Xia Taptara, who explain his working process.

Digital Painting Techniques vol.3 – The Review

1x1.trans Digital Painting Techniques vol.3   The ReviewToday, I will tell you something more about the third volume of the Digital Painting Series by 3DTotal. First, I must say that I don’t own this book, I received it from 3DTotal and then gifted. So I had the possibility of checking and reading it for about two weeks before shipping it (sadly).

After reading it I must say… it’s amazing, and I WANT IT. This book is good as the previous volumes, if not better, so I’ve decided to add it to the top of my Wishlist and I will get it as soon as I can.

Like the other Volumes of this series, Digital Painting Techniques 3 is made of many different digital painting tutorials, organized in chapters, wrote by different authors; those authors are all professional illustrators and digital painters.

Digital Painting Techniques vol.2 – The Review

1x1.trans Digital Painting Techniques vol.2   The ReviewIt’s time for another article, and this will be another review. I’m terrible sorry for my long absence, I’ve got ill the past weeks, so I’ve got lot of this to do for university and small time to work at the articles.

Today I will review for you the second book from the series Digital Painting Techniques by 3DTotal. I’ve bought it months ago on Amazon, just after getting and reading the first volume… since I found it is useful and really good, I got the second one, and I’m happy with my purchase. I found this series really interesting and useful; at first I thought this volume was similar to the previous one and not so useful; but I had to change my mind when I read it: it is an expansion of Volume 1, it deepen different aspects and it really useful… it is complementary to vol.1, a step forward the first tutorials.

Digital Painting Techniques vol. 1 – The Review

1x1.trans Digital Painting Techniques vol. 1   The ReviewI’ve decided time ago to start reviewing my Art Books and the video tutorials I’ve bought during these years… since I found this can be really useful for who is going to buy these kind of products. And I’ve decided to start reviewing the first book of the Digital Painting Techniques series, by 3DTotal and Focal Press.

I’ve bought this book many months ago, I always wanted it and when I had the occasion, I ran to make the order on Amazon!

At the moment this series is made of three volumes, but I’ve just discovered 3DTotal is working at a 4th volume… so I tought it’s time to show you all of them to make order and let you know what this book is dealing of.

Nyesis, two Girls, one Art

  • February 11th, 2012
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1x1.trans Nyesis, two Girls, one ArtEN: What happens when two close friends, an illustrator and a comic writer, decide to make team? I can tell you… a challenge comes to life, and it turns into a fantastic project. This is what happened to two Italian girls, Sara Fabrizi (aka Sarina) and Elisa L. Cross, who founded together Nyesis project.

Sara is my old date friend, our websites were always been affiliated, and I’ve always followed (and I’m still following) her illustratrions and her growing skills, since she got her degree at art school, when she join the International Comics School in Florence and so on.I’ve always admired her style, and I love her drawings. I don’k personally know Elisa, but if the things I’ve heard about her are true, I think she will be a great comic writer! They decided to work together, combining their skills to develop illustrated stories.

30 Amazing CG Characters of 2011

1x1.trans 30 Amazing CG Characters of 2011So… this year I’ve decided to repeat the article I wrote at the end of 2008, and I would like to feature 30 amazing Digital Artworks published this year on the web. I know I’m a bit late, I’ve started working on this article during Christmas Holidays, but I preferred working on the new layout, so this article was pending till today. At first time, I wanted to feature 50 artworks, but then I discovered the post would have become too long, since images in this layout can have a bigger resolution. So I’ve to cut the article to 30 artworks and select the best ones. However, I will feature the other artworks in the next 365 Days of Art articles, so stay tuned, and enjoy this selection!