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Nyesis, two Girls, one Art

  • February 11th, 2012
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1x1.trans Nyesis, two Girls, one ArtEN: What happens when two close friends, an illustrator and a comic writer, decide to make team? I can tell you… a challenge comes to life, and it turns into a fantastic project. This is what happened to two Italian girls, Sara Fabrizi (aka Sarina) and Elisa L. Cross, who founded together Nyesis project.

Sara is my old date friend, our websites were always been affiliated, and I’ve always followed (and I’m still following) her illustratrions and her growing skills, since she got her degree at art school, when she join the International Comics School in Florence and so on.I’ve always admired her style, and I love her drawings. I don’k personally know Elisa, but if the things I’ve heard about her are true, I think she will be a great comic writer! They decided to work together, combining their skills to develop illustrated stories.

Fairybliss v.6 first edit!

  • January 26th, 2012
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1x1.trans Fairybliss v.6 first edit!Just a small post to let you know that I’ve decided to make a small edit to article organization! During the last months I’ve noticed that the 365 Days of Art posts are too “distracting” for the purpose of the blog. I try to explain better what I mean: since these posts has great size images, and are daily posts, blog articles were “hidden” by tons of 365 posts, and looking for those can be a problem.

So, I’ve decided to exclude this posts category from the homepage of the blog: you will find daily art here on the right, inside the sidebar! I’ve tought of different solutions for this problem, and I think this is the best one. I hope you will appreciate it, in this way you can sort blog posts better!

Let me know if you like this solution!

Art Lessons Online at idrawgirls

1x1.trans Art Lessons Online at idrawgirlsHave you ever heard about idrawgirls? I discovered this fantastic place some years ago, when I started learning more about digital painting and drawing. At that time I was looking for video tutorials and lessons to learn the basic of figure drawing and I accidentally found this site… what a surprise! I found tons of video tutorials about… everything!

But first let’s talk about the author, the artist who’s behind this project. His name is Xia Taptara, aka idrawgirls, a Concept/3D Artist living in Seattle, WA, United States. As he states in his website, he founded “idrawgirls” during 2007, to motivate himself to draw better, refine his skill, experiment and to be free to draw everything he wants.

Fairybliss v.6 “Jeansy” beta

  • January 20th, 2012
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1x1.trans Fairybliss v.6 Jeansy betaSo… it’s finally here! A brand new fresh layout for this blog! I’m really in love with it, it’s simplier than the previous one, but the colour scheme is strong and I truly love the header image! I’ve cropped it from my last fractal piece, Resurrection. This layout has a long long story, and probably I will write an article in the next days with the Work in Progress!

This is still a beta version of the layout, more features will come soon! There are tons of things I want to do and add, and even if this is one of the most terrible periods of the year (University Exams period) I promise you I will use a great part of my free time working at the blog! I’m truly falling in love with it, and I’ve many projects.

It’s Coming… v.6

  • January 4th, 2012
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1x1.trans Its Coming... v.6So… I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates of these past ten days. But I’ve decided to take a little vacation from posting to have more time to work on a new layout for this blog. During the past months, I felt tired of the current layout but I’ve never had the time to work on a new version… also, lack of inspiration and ideas didn’t help me with the creation of the layout.

Finally, in these days I’ve found the right way and the ideas, and started to work hardly to set it up. I have to advice you, it will be in a total different style, and some changes will come. Here, on the left, there’s a small sneak peek of the new layout!

So stay tuned, I’m working hardly during these nights to code the new layout, so that I will be able to release it during this week (hopefully). Until the release, the 365 Days of Art project will not be updated, so that I can trule dedicate myself only to the layout!

I’m thinking also of making a tutorial for the WIP of this layout, will you be interested in it?

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and I truly wish you a Happy 2012!

Thank you, Steve, you will be missed

This early morning I discovered that Steve Jobs left us. A genius, a visionary, one of the most important creative men of our times. He left us a great heritage, and we have to thank him forever. Always a step further, to the future and beyond.

Thank you Steve, you will be missed.


1x1.trans Thank you, Steve, you will be missed

Steven Paul Jobs Wallpaper by dylanroscover

1x1.trans Thank you, Steve, you will be missed

Steve by V-Imagine-L

1x1.trans Thank you, Steve, you will be missed

In Memoriam


If you want, please share in this article a comment to remember this Great Man.

For the beginners…

If you are a beginner in Art, or in any other field… you have to face lots of difficulties. All you have to do is to work, and follow your dreams. Work, work, work hard and practice. And never get beaten!

Just look at this amazing video by Ira Glass, I have to remember to watch it every time I will think to stop making what I want to learn!