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91/365 Sherlock Holmes by Melusaaste

91/365 Sherlock Holmes by Melusaaste

1x1.trans 91/365 Sherlock Holmes by Melusaaste

Sherlock Holmes by Melusaaste

The author is sharing a WIP and a making of video too!

Making of Bunnies Land by Davide Tosello

1x1.trans Making of Bunnies Land by Davide ToselloToday I discover this Digital Painting Tutorial, wrote by an Italian artist, Bunnies Land by Davide Tosello, on CG Arena. I’m really happy when I discover Italian digital painters, and I’m more happy when they are selected by international communities for interviews or tutorials like this… it’s something like national pride :) .

So… Davide Tosello is a talented 2D artist living in Vercelli, Italy, and working in a gaming company; from his personal website and his blog I discovered he mainly works as 2d artist in digital painted illustrations and environments; his works are really good, and I really like the illustration Bunnies Land, featured in this tutorial.

The Gods of Harvest Work in Progress

1x1.trans The Gods of Harvest Work in ProgressAgain, another cool Work In Progress tutorial of a piece from the book Exotique 4 by Ballistic Publishing. This time, the artowork is titled “The Gods of Harvest” and it is by Chester Ocampo, one of the group Imaginary Friends.

The tutorial is published at CGSociety as a featured article. Here you will find a step-by-step description of the author work, with correlated images. It is really interesting because it explains one way to approach a painting where more different characters appears. It is really intersting to see how he works on the different characters one by one, and how he achieves this amazing lightinh effect.

At the page article, you can find an animated flash of the work in progress.

Chester Ocampo: [homepage]

The Gods of Harvest: [full image]

The Tutorial page: [CGSociety]

Pepper Superstar Work in Progress

1x1.trans Pepper Superstar Work in ProgressDo you remember the book Exotique 4, which has been featured in my past article? Well, now CGSociety have released an article where the author, Mario Wibisono, explains the work in progress of his amazing artwork.

Here you can find a description of the whole WIP, from the concept of the girl to the final colour touches. There’s also an animated painting progress.

ABOUT PEPPER: Pepper is a famous character created by the artist Stanley Lau (Artgerm). He represents her in all the possible drawing and illustration styles. She was born as an experiment of styles, and became a really popular girl in the illustration world.

Mario’s challenge was to “create a popular look, pretty and at the same time entertaining” of this girl. So he decided to represent her as a Japanese superstar, a cute but sexy girl.

Read the Tutorial at CGSociety: [link]

Mario Wibisono at: DeviantArt | CGSociety

Stanley Lau at: DeviantART | Imaginary Friends