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Making of Judith, by Marta Dahlig

1x1.trans Making of Judith, by Marta DahligJudith is another great masterpiece from Marta Dahlig. It receives the

Excellence Award in the last Exposè 7 book, by Ballistic Publishing. Now, CGSociety released her free tutorial about the making of this fantastic piece, along with a free 320 mb Video Tutorial of Marta working on it, from the beginning to the very end. It is a great opportunity of seeing how Marta works, even you can find her other video tutorials only in ImagineFX DVD.

She also upload the video on Youtube, so you can watch it below in this article.

Video Tutorials IV – Bobby Chiu

1x1.trans Video Tutorials IV   Bobby ChiuHere’s another article of the video tutorials series! This time, I choose some video tutorials from the amazingly great illustrator Bobby Chiu. He’s a really expert artist, with a lot of talent, his drawings are really particular, with a great study on volumes. I truly suggest you to look at his gallery, he’s an incredible inspiration source.

Bobby Chiu illustration experience grows every day, because he constantly draw, paint and sketch. He should be an example for every beginner (and advanced) artist. He also shares his knowledge with others, so everyone has the chance to learn something from him: he has a blog, a youtube podcast, galleries in the most important art communities. He’s also part of the Imaginism Studio and is a illustration teacher at Schoolism, with an online video courses about Digital Painting.

In the video tutorials I’ve choosen from Bobby’s youtube podcast, he explains the techinques he uses for painting his fantastic creatures.Videos are long, from 20 to 40 minues, and have been a bit speeded up to match Bobby’s vocal explanation.

The Gods of Harvest Work in Progress

1x1.trans The Gods of Harvest Work in ProgressAgain, another cool Work In Progress tutorial of a piece from the book Exotique 4 by Ballistic Publishing. This time, the artowork is titled “The Gods of Harvest” and it is by Chester Ocampo, one of the group Imaginary Friends.

The tutorial is published at CGSociety as a featured article. Here you will find a step-by-step description of the author work, with correlated images. It is really interesting because it explains one way to approach a painting where more different characters appears. It is really intersting to see how he works on the different characters one by one, and how he achieves this amazing lightinh effect.

At the page article, you can find an animated flash of the work in progress.

Chester Ocampo: [homepage]

The Gods of Harvest: [full image]

The Tutorial page: [CGSociety]

Video Tutorials III – Andantonius

1x1.trans Video Tutorials III   AndantoniusSo, another article for the Video Tutorials Series (as you may have seen, I changed the Portrait Video Tutorials series to simple Video Tutorials, to collect more tutorials in the same category).

This time, I featured a simple but really interesting video about Basic Blending in digital painting. When I start learning digital painting, I see that one of my major problems was to blend colours togethere to create a smooth but textured surface. Also, I got the problem of selecting the colours for lights and shadow, to enrich the palette, avoiding plain lights/shadows.

Video Tutorials II – Hoang Minh Le

1x1.trans Video Tutorials II   Hoang Minh LeThe second article of this video tutorials series is dedicated to an amazing painting video created by Hoang Minh Le (Aurory). He’s a really amazing illustrator and photographer; his main characters are beautiful girls, portrayed with absolute great reality. We can see that, at first sight, you can confuse his digital painting with his photos.

At his DeviantArt Account he published different tutorials and walkthroughs of his working process, till the day he recorded this amazing two-parts video tutorial, where you can see the whole, complete, painting process of an eye.

This time, I’m so sorry for this, you cannot see the two tutorials directly on this bog, because they haven’t been uploaded on Youtube. But you can download them, so that you can watch them from your hard-drive!

I truly think this is a really useful tutorial, for beginner and advanced, because it achieve a great photorealistic look for the illustration. The techniques learnt can also be applied to the rest of the skin.

Video Tutorials I – Stéphanie Valentin

1x1.trans Video Tutorials I – Stéphanie ValentinSince I started browsing tutorials and videos on the web, I discovered a great amount of video tutorials about Digital Painting. I find that video tutorials, if well done, can be more useful than normal written tutorials, because they show the real work in process of the author.

I think that in a good video tutorial the work in process shouldn’t be too fast, otherwise you cannot see many interesting and useful techinques. Also, I think that author comments about the steps would be really great!

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a new series of articles dedicated to Portrait Video Tutorials, where I will collect all the more interesting video tutorials about portraits that I find in the web. I’ve already posted an articles, the Hanagumori Digital Painting Tutorial, which contains video, but I prefer to took this out of this series, because it is a complete, video and written tutorial.

Learn to Draw at Drawsketch!

1x1.trans Learn to Draw at Drawsketch!Drawing is a wonderful art. How many times you have admired artworks, some of your friend’s drawing and say “It would be great to do something like this!”. Well, searching in the web I found this great site, Drawsketch, owned by Helen South, which give you lessons about learning to draw, from the basic medium informations to the figure/portrait drawings.

I started yesterday reading it on my own, and I find it really interesting and useful, especially the article “How to hold a pencil“, which explains the different type of pencil grips. I truly think this website can be a great starting point for who, like me, is a beginner in drawing, and can be a resourceful site for more expert artists, to improve their skill. I hope you will give a look at it.