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Actions Confetti #2 – Warm Colours for Photoshop

1x1.trans Actions Confetti #2   Warm Colours for PhotoshopTonight I can’t sleep… bad times these days. So I’ve decided to use this time creating a new post with Photoshop actions sets test. I find it really funny to do and it’s useful too because it helps me with my photography post production, discovering new things and effects.

Today I will show you some sets that will warm your photos with hot colours like red and orange tones.

These sets of Photoshop Actions come from different authors, and like the previous time you can download them for free. I like warm tones pictures because they remember me the amazing light of sunsets.

Remember always to credit the authors when you use these actions for your pictures. Let’s go with the tests now!

Actions Confetti #1 – sa-cool 2.06/2.07 sets for Photoshop

1x1.trans Actions Confetti #1   sa cool 2.06/2.07 sets for Photoshop

I always liked Photoshop Actions. Even if don’t use them during my shots post production, because I prefer to work with my hands and not using other’s, I’ve always been fascinated by the great number and variety of Photoshop actions available for free online. Also, because they’re a great way to learn new post production process to achieve creative effects.

However, even if I don’t use them, I think they are really useful tool if you want to spice up your friends/holiday photos with funny and creative effects, but you don’t know anything about photography post-processing.

If you don’t know what a Photoshop action is, you may want to know that Photoshop gives you the chance to record some processing “steps” (such as image resize, curves, merging layers…) in a set called “Action”, that you can play every time you have to repeat those steps automatically. It is a time-saving option, and you can create your own actions easily.

Today, internet is full of Photoshop actions Sets, that you can get for free or for money. Many of them are really interesting so I’ve decided to make this post to test and show you some of the actions I’ve found.

Now, I’m going to show you two actions sets by Sa-Cool: set 2.06 and set 2.07.