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92/365 Rihanna Speedpainting by Josiel Souza

Rihanna Speedpainting by Josiel Souza

1x1.trans 92/365 Rihanna Speedpainting by Josiel Souza

Rihanna Speedpainting by Josiel Souza

You can also find a work in progress video for this painting

Actions Confetti #2 – Warm Colours for Photoshop

1x1.trans Actions Confetti #2   Warm Colours for PhotoshopTonight I can’t sleep… bad times these days. So I’ve decided to use this time creating a new post with Photoshop actions sets test. I find it really funny to do and it’s useful too because it helps me with my photography post production, discovering new things and effects.

Today I will show you some sets that will warm your photos with hot colours like red and orange tones.

These sets of Photoshop Actions come from different authors, and like the previous time you can download them for free. I like warm tones pictures because they remember me the amazing light of sunsets.

Remember always to credit the authors when you use these actions for your pictures. Let’s go with the tests now!

91/365 Sherlock Holmes by Melusaaste

91/365 Sherlock Holmes by Melusaaste

1x1.trans 91/365 Sherlock Holmes by Melusaaste

Sherlock Holmes by Melusaaste

The author is sharing a WIP and a making of video too!

Actions Confetti #1 – sa-cool 2.06/2.07 sets for Photoshop

1x1.trans Actions Confetti #1   sa cool 2.06/2.07 sets for Photoshop

I always liked Photoshop Actions. Even if don’t use them during my shots post production, because I prefer to work with my hands and not using other’s, I’ve always been fascinated by the great number and variety of Photoshop actions available for free online. Also, because they’re a great way to learn new post production process to achieve creative effects.

However, even if I don’t use them, I think they are really useful tool if you want to spice up your friends/holiday photos with funny and creative effects, but you don’t know anything about photography post-processing.

If you don’t know what a Photoshop action is, you may want to know that Photoshop gives you the chance to record some processing “steps” (such as image resize, curves, merging layers…) in a set called “Action”, that you can play every time you have to repeat those steps automatically. It is a time-saving option, and you can create your own actions easily.

Today, internet is full of Photoshop actions Sets, that you can get for free or for money. Many of them are really interesting so I’ve decided to make this post to test and show you some of the actions I’ve found.

Now, I’m going to show you two actions sets by Sa-Cool: set 2.06 and set 2.07.

15 Digital Art Tutorials for Painting Realistic Eyes

1x1.trans 15 Digital Art Tutorials for Painting Realistic EyesHello, I’m back again with a new article about Digital Painting Tutorials! Today you will learn the secrets for painting realistic eyes.

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates during the past months, life is getting really busy here! So today I’ve decided to brought you a new bunch of digital painting tutorials.

I think eyes are the most amazing and funny part to paint inside a portrait… but they are also tricky to do. Infact you have to respect proportions, volumes and symmetry. And you have to be careful because they build the expression and the mood of the portrait.

So it’s important to know how to work with eyes to get enough details and the right shape, so that they will look real.

These tutorials show the process step-by-step, from the shape to the final paint; just click over the images below to be redirect to the tutorial page.

Do you have some more tutorials to suggest? If you need more explanations or more tutorials just ask me in the comments. Have fun!

Making of Bunnies Land by Davide Tosello

1x1.trans Making of Bunnies Land by Davide ToselloToday I discover this Digital Painting Tutorial, wrote by an Italian artist, Bunnies Land by Davide Tosello, on CG Arena. I’m really happy when I discover Italian digital painters, and I’m more happy when they are selected by international communities for interviews or tutorials like this… it’s something like national pride :) .

So… Davide Tosello is a talented 2D artist living in Vercelli, Italy, and working in a gaming company; from his personal website and his blog I discovered he mainly works as 2d artist in digital painted illustrations and environments; his works are really good, and I really like the illustration Bunnies Land, featured in this tutorial.

12 Fan Art Painting Video Tutorials by idrawgirls

1x1.trans 12 Fan Art Painting Video Tutorials by idrawgirlsToday I’m going to show you some amazing free video tutorials by idrawgirls, Xia Taptara. I’ve already told everything about him, his site and his tutorials; so, today, I’ve decided to browse his many tutorials and select some for you.

I’ve decided to select all the tutorials with a common theme: so, today video tutorials will feature famous characters from films, games or comics, such as Star Wars, Diablo 3, X-Men.

Each tutorial has its own article with a step-by-step video, a link to custom brushes and work in progress images. Videos are commented by Xia Taptara, who explain his working process.