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Hello people… so a lot of time passed from my last post… so terribly sorry for this! I’ve started a new hobby this year, and with uni, blogging time turned into really few minutes… I still search through digital art, I have lots of things to add, and I hope I can do this during all September, so that I can keep this blog updated!

But first I have to show you my “new” hobby… oh well not so new, since I always made some jewerly since I was a child… I’ve fallen again in love with beading! This is one of my first creations, done in April. It is a blue swarovski beads bracelet, this is for me and I love it so much! It sparkles a lot in the sunlight!

Oh, and I’ve also opened a FLICKR and a TUMBLR account, so that if you are interested, you can follow me there! I’ve tons of photos to add and to show you!

Well this was a little shot, soon I will add more DIGITAL ART and TUTORIALS related news, so stay tuned! I’M BACK!