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Hello people… so a lot of time passed from my last post… so terribly sorry for this! I’ve started a new hobby this year, and with uni, blogging time turned into really few minutes… I still search through digital art, I have lots of things to add, and I hope I can do this during all September, so that I can keep this blog updated!

But first I have to show you my “new” hobby… oh well not so new, since I always made some jewerly since I was a child… I’ve fallen again in love with beading! This is one of my first creations, done in April. It is a blue swarovski beads bracelet, this is for me and I love it so much! It sparkles a lot in the sunlight!

Oh, and I’ve also opened a FLICKR and a TUMBLR account, so that if you are interested, you can follow me there! I’ve tons of photos to add and to show you!

Well this was a little shot, soon I will add more DIGITAL ART and TUTORIALS related news, so stay tuned! I’M BACK!

I’ve been published on Amazing Event #1!!!

Hello sweeties!

1x1.trans I’ve been published on Amazing Event #1!!! Some months ago I submitted my Fractal Artworks to a new magazine published by Fantasyana Publishing, and they accepted my artworks! So now the first issue of this magazine is out! It was a big surprise for me, I’ve never been published! It was a great emotion when I receive my full high resolution pdf copy and I discover my pages (you cannot see my article in the preivew pdf version)!

I was feature near great artists I admire, like Veronica Casas, Veronica Atanacio, Nick Harris, Alan Lathwell, Nick Deligaris, Duc Truong Huyen, Ida Larsen, Constanza Ehrenhaus, Dawn Austin and more!

There are also lots of interviews to artists like Henning Ludvigsen, Andy Jones and Joerg Warda.

It was a great honour being published here, on the first issue, and I hope of becoming a regular artist fro this magazine, maybe not also for abstract and fractals but also with my illustrations.

You can purchase a pdf or a printed copy of this issue [here]. Prices are EUR 3,00 – USD 3,75 for the PDF version and EUR 28,00 – USD 34,80 for the Printed version.

Here’s some screenshots of my article and the mazagine page, where my artworks are featured:

1x1.trans I’ve been published on Amazing Event #1!!!1x1.trans I’ve been published on Amazing Event #1!!!1x1.trans I’ve been published on Amazing Event #1!!!1x1.trans I’ve been published on Amazing Event #1!!!

Submissions for the second issue will open soon!