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A small pause

  • September 4th, 2012
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Hello everyone!

Thanks to University Exams (duh) I’m going to take a small pause from blogging until September 15th. In the meantime, I’ve sent some blog collaborations mails, I hope to get some new things to review for you soon!

I’ve also planned all the articles I will write at the end of the pause, so please be patient this week and wait for new content!

Wish me good luck, see you really really soon!



Thank you, Steve, you will be missed

This early morning I discovered that Steve Jobs left us. A genius, a visionary, one of the most important creative men of our times. He left us a great heritage, and we have to thank him forever. Always a step further, to the future and beyond.

Thank you Steve, you will be missed.


1x1.trans Thank you, Steve, you will be missed

Steven Paul Jobs Wallpaper by dylanroscover

1x1.trans Thank you, Steve, you will be missed

Steve by V-Imagine-L

1x1.trans Thank you, Steve, you will be missed

In Memoriam


If you want, please share in this article a comment to remember this Great Man.

What I’m doing now…

  • January 30th, 2011
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I’m so sorry for the extreme lack of updates… my life in these last months took me away from my life on the web!
I’ve finished lessons at university, but now I have to prepare lots of exams for these last years, and the study takes me the 80% of my time. The rest of the time I have to spend it with my family and my boyfriend… and at last a 5% I can stay on the web.
But I love so much reading and writing blogs, I love webdesign and I love the digital world, so I cannot stay without it! I try to follow DeviantArt daily, even if sometines I cannot login (my message center is overflowed now!!!).
Also I have new interests growing up, like make up, handmade jewels and crafts in general! So I would like to open this blog to these topics too!
Here are my plans for this domain and blog for the future:

Life, beading, jewerly

Hello people… so a lot of time passed from my last post… so terribly sorry for this! I’ve started a new hobby this year, and with uni, blogging time turned into really few minutes… I still search through digital art, I have lots of things to add, and I hope I can do this during all September, so that I can keep this blog updated!

But first I have to show you my “new” hobby… oh well not so new, since I always made some jewerly since I was a child… I’ve fallen again in love with beading! This is one of my first creations, done in April. It is a blue swarovski beads bracelet, this is for me and I love it so much! It sparkles a lot in the sunlight!

Oh, and I’ve also opened a FLICKR and a TUMBLR account, so that if you are interested, you can follow me there! I’ve tons of photos to add and to show you!

Well this was a little shot, soon I will add more DIGITAL ART and TUTORIALS related news, so stay tuned! I’M BACK!