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Making of Bunnies Land by Davide Tosello

1x1.trans Making of Bunnies Land by Davide ToselloToday I discover this Digital Painting Tutorial, wrote by an Italian artist, Bunnies Land by Davide Tosello, on CG Arena. I’m really happy when I discover Italian digital painters, and I’m more happy when they are selected by international communities for interviews or tutorials like this… it’s something like national pride :) .

So… Davide Tosello is a talented 2D artist living in Vercelli, Italy, and working in a gaming company; from his personal website and his blog I discovered he mainly works as 2d artist in digital painted illustrations and environments; his works are really good, and I really like the illustration Bunnies Land, featured in this tutorial.

Nyesis, two Girls, one Art

  • February 11th, 2012
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1x1.trans Nyesis, two Girls, one ArtEN: What happens when two close friends, an illustrator and a comic writer, decide to make team? I can tell you… a challenge comes to life, and it turns into a fantastic project. This is what happened to two Italian girls, Sara Fabrizi (aka Sarina) and Elisa L. Cross, who founded together Nyesis project.

Sara is my old date friend, our websites were always been affiliated, and I’ve always followed (and I’m still following) her illustratrions and her growing skills, since she got her degree at art school, when she join the International Comics School in Florence and so on.I’ve always admired her style, and I love her drawings. I don’k personally know Elisa, but if the things I’ve heard about her are true, I think she will be a great comic writer! They decided to work together, combining their skills to develop illustrated stories.