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Link Love: Urban Sketchers

1x1.trans Link Love: Urban SketchersHello everybody! Today is very hot here in Italy, and I’ve to stay at home to study for my exams :( . This afternoon, during a small pause, I’ve discovered some new amazing blogs that I started to follow, and I decided to share with you the websites and the blogs I’m following. So I’m starting right now a new series of articles that will features Blogs and Websites about artists, arts and photography that I consider interesting. I’m following the example of Christine (Temptalia, make up blog) who is sharing new links in her series “Sunday Link Love“. The first website that I’m featuring today is Urban Sketchers.

Learn to Draw at Drawsketch!

1x1.trans Learn to Draw at Drawsketch!Drawing is a wonderful art. How many times you have admired artworks, some of your friend’s drawing and say “It would be great to do something like this!”. Well, searching in the web I found this great site, Drawsketch, owned by Helen South, which give you lessons about learning to draw, from the basic medium informations to the figure/portrait drawings.

I started yesterday reading it on my own, and I find it really interesting and useful, especially the article “How to hold a pencil“, which explains the different type of pencil grips. I truly think this website can be a great starting point for who, like me, is a beginner in drawing, and can be a resourceful site for more expert artists, to improve their skill. I hope you will give a look at it.

Create your own sketchbook

1x1.trans Create your own sketchbookHave you ever tried to make your own sketchbook? Having a personalized sketchbook can make the difference for an artist! You can use your favourite drawing paper, you can choose the cover and size of the pages. You can also create a space for the pencil or the pen. Also, this can be a really cheap solution, instead of buying premade ones. And you can show your style from the cover!

Well, I love to carry with me my sketchbook because I need to fix inspirations and to take notes when I need. And I think it is a must for an artist, if you want to learn drawing, you should start a sketchbook, where you can draw in the spare time, wherever you are.

So, in the past days, I googled for a sketchbook tutorial, and I found an interesting explanation here: [link].

I think this can be a very usedul, easy to make, and cheap thing. Also, this can be a great Christmas gift! Sure I will give it a try!

The site is owned by Dani Jones, an child books illustrator, and is full of great articles and tutorials, so try to give it a read!