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Digital Painting Techniques vol.3 – The Review

1x1.trans Digital Painting Techniques vol.3   The ReviewToday, I will tell you something more about the third volume of the Digital Painting Series by 3DTotal. First, I must say that I don’t own this book, I received it from 3DTotal and then gifted. So I had the possibility of checking and reading it for about two weeks before shipping it (sadly).

After reading it I must say… it’s amazing, and I WANT IT. This book is good as the previous volumes, if not better, so I’ve decided to add it to the top of my Wishlist and I will get it as soon as I can.

Like the other Volumes of this series, Digital Painting Techniques 3 is made of many different digital painting tutorials, organized in chapters, wrote by different authors; those authors are all professional illustrators and digital painters.

Digital Painting Techniques vol.2 – The Review

1x1.trans Digital Painting Techniques vol.2   The ReviewIt’s time for another article, and this will be another review. I’m terrible sorry for my long absence, I’ve got ill the past weeks, so I’ve got lot of this to do for university and small time to work at the articles.

Today I will review for you the second book from the series Digital Painting Techniques by 3DTotal. I’ve bought it months ago on Amazon, just after getting and reading the first volume… since I found it is useful and really good, I got the second one, and I’m happy with my purchase. I found this series really interesting and useful; at first I thought this volume was similar to the previous one and not so useful; but I had to change my mind when I read it: it is an expansion of Volume 1, it deepen different aspects and it really useful… it is complementary to vol.1, a step forward the first tutorials.

Digital Painting Techniques vol. 1 – The Review

1x1.trans Digital Painting Techniques vol. 1   The ReviewI’ve decided time ago to start reviewing my Art Books and the video tutorials I’ve bought during these years… since I found this can be really useful for who is going to buy these kind of products. And I’ve decided to start reviewing the first book of the Digital Painting Techniques series, by 3DTotal and Focal Press.

I’ve bought this book many months ago, I always wanted it and when I had the occasion, I ran to make the order on Amazon!

At the moment this series is made of three volumes, but I’ve just discovered 3DTotal is working at a 4th volume… so I tought it’s time to show you all of them to make order and let you know what this book is dealing of.


1x1.trans UtherworldsUtherworlds is the latest stunning large-format artbook released by Ballistic Publishing.

Utherworlds is a fantasy graphic novel based on the universe created by Philip Straub. This great probject lasts six years of hard work, and tells the story of Lucas Sellers and his journey into The Realms, where the forces of hope are pitted against the forces of evil.

Exposè 7

1x1.trans Exposè 7Exposè 7 is finally out! The seventh book of this famous series published by Ballistic Publishing is now avaiable for preorder! The book is published in three different editions: Soft Cover, Hard Cover (my favourite) and Limited Edition.

This time, Exposè 7 shows 391 digital art masterpieces by 288 artists in 51 countries! The Soft/Hard Cover Editions show 224 pages, while the Limited Edition has 240 pages and a black leather cover!

This time, the front cover is “Touch of Gold” an image by Bente Schlick, and, in my opinion, this is one of the most amazing covers ever published on this series. If you are ont of the first 300 lucky people who preorder a copy of this book (or either if you preorder or purchase a Limited Edition copy) you can download a 30 minutes video walkthrough on the making of this cover! Also, if you buy a Limited Edition, you will receive 8 amazing high quality prints!

I must admit, I’ve preordered my copy as a selfmade “gift” for my last exam result on 30rd April (that’s why I haven’t updated in a while) and I can’t wait to see it! Expect a review from me!

The book shipping will start Mid-June!

Exposè 7 Call for Entries!!!

  • December 12th, 2008
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1x1.trans Exposè 7 Call for Entries!!!

Exotique 4

1x1.trans Exotique 4Exotique 4 is the fourth art book of the wonderful Exotique series published by Ballistic Publishing. This is a series of illustration books dedicated to the most amazing CG Character art. This edition features the works of 215 talented artists from 45 different countries.

In 208 pages, this book features 322 pieces of great and breath-taking artworks, and this edition includes more artists from Asia countries.

This book, like the past ones, comes in two different editions, with different prices:

- A Soft Cover edition, which features as cover an artwork from Mario Wibisono titled “Pepper Superstar“, and the character represented is Pepper, a CG girl created and copyrighted by Stanley Lau.

- A Special Limited Edition, where the cover is made of black leather with embossed lettering, and features the artwork “Butterfly” from Tang Yuehui. This edition comes with four 220×297cm bonus prints featuring the two covers and other two amazing artworks from the collection.

Indeed, Exotique 4 is an amazing art book that should be in every art appreciator home!

For more information and an online preview of the book: [link]