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With this article I start a new series of articles related to reviews and thoughts about my favourite digital art magazines. Let’s begin now: today I will made an overview of 2D Artist Magazine.


1x1.trans Overview: 2D Artist Magazine

2dArtist Magazine by 3DTotal


2D Artis Magazine is published by 3DTotal, a company located in the United Kingdom. As the title said, it is related to 2D Digital Art, so illustration, sketching, digital painting and so on. It is

CONTENTS: 2D Artist Magazine is related Digital Art and it is full of useful tutorials and techniques to improve in this field. You can find interviews, articles, inspirational galleries and so on. It is a complete art magazine under all the aspects and each issue is over 90 pages long. Articles are by the most famous and professional illustrators all over the globe.

Image quality is really good in high resolution issues.

LANGUAGE: It is in English, and this made it readable all over the globe, with no limitations.


MAG TYPE: 2D Artist Magazine is a downloadable PDF magazine, both in high or low resolution, meaning that there isn’t a printed version. This leads me to some considerations:


- PROS: a PDF magazine can be read in every PC or MAC, it is a really common file type nowadays, and there are many free softwares that can read this file format (Adobe Reader first), often pre-installed in computers.So there’s no need of downloading other specific softwares to read it. Also, you can save real space in your house/room because you can simply store the issues in an hard disk (I always have a backup of them). Another thing that I consider GREAT is that there’s no limit of time: since all the issues are files, there are no printing limits for issues, and you can buy a past issue every time you want, you are totally free to choose what issue to buy and when. I think this is a really powerful advantage for a magazine, and I hope editors will consider to keep on this way. Last but not least, the absence of a printed version sets printing costs to zero, with the result that magazine has a really nice price.


- CONS: you have to read the magazine on your computer… this means you have to read it on a screen and maybe it can be uncomfortable sometimes. However, with the advent of TABLETS this will not be a problem in the future. Another problem you can have is to lose your issues for an hardware/software problem: I TRULY SUGGEST YOU TO BACK UP YOUR ISSUES in a separate hard disk.


PRICE: the price is nice, in my opinion; each issues costs 2.75 £ (about 3.07 euro or 4.44 $). If you want, you can also subscribe for 33 £ a year, but sometimes there are offers and special prices for subscriptions, so you have to check!


WHERE TO BUY: 2D Artist Magazine can be purchased at its website, [here], or directly at 3D TOTAL SHOP, [here]. You can pay via Credit Card (secure payment) or Paypal. All you have to do is to register for free at 3D TOTAL SHOP, using a valid email address. Then you can chosse which issue you want to buy, add it to the basket and purchase it. In few minutes you will receive on your email inbox a confirmation mail with the link to download your copy of the magazine. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought one of these issues, I’m going to buy one really soon, so I will be more precise and correct the article if needed.

If you have questions about subscriptions and more, you van visit their FAQs and their HELP section.


Since I’m truly interested in this kind of magazine, especially in the July issue, I’m going to purchase it and write a review about this issue. If there will be interest from you, I will work on more magazine review from now!


See you soon!




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  • 1x1.trans Overview: 2D Artist Magazine
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