Hanagumori – Digital Painting Tutorial

1x1.trans Hanagumori   Digital Painting TutorialHanagumori is a digital painting portrait created by Diane Özdamar.The word “Hanagumori” means “late spring with blossom haze”. This artwork represents a young Geisha, with a blue and a green eye. The author of the image makes a great study on the details, such as the make-up, the pearls, the skin pores and so-on.

This artworks has been created recording the whole painting process, from the very start to the final product. The video tutorial has been divided in eight parts.

With the video tutorial, Diane Özdamar wrote also a three-parts tutorial, where she explains how she worked on the details like eyes, pearls and skin.

In this article you will find the eight videos of the tutorial, the links to the written tutorial and a small animation of the work in progress.

Of course, all this work is copyrighted by Diane Özdamar.


Resource Files


To read the tutorial, just click on Download [here]

Photoshop Brushes Files



Animation WIP

1x1.trans Hanagumori   Digital Painting Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Part 1

Part 2


Part 3




Part 5


Part 6


Part 7


Part 8

About the Author:

Diane Özdamar [homepage] | [DeviantArt] | [CGSociety]

Hanagumori [Artwork] | [Tutorial]

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  • 1x1.trans Hanagumori   Digital Painting Tutorial
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