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1x1.trans Video Tutorials I – Stéphanie ValentinSince I started browsing tutorials and videos on the web, I discovered a great amount of video tutorials about Digital Painting. I find that video tutorials, if well done, can be more useful than normal written tutorials, because they show the real work in process of the author.

I think that in a good video tutorial the work in process shouldn’t be too fast, otherwise you cannot see many interesting and useful techinques. Also, I think that author comments about the steps would be really great!

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a new series of articles dedicated to Portrait Video Tutorials, where I will collect all the more interesting video tutorials about portraits that I find in the web. I’ve already posted an articles, the Hanagumori Digital Painting Tutorial, which contains video, but I prefer to took this out of this series, because it is a complete, video and written tutorial.

The first articles of this series is dedicated to three video tutorials by Stéphanie Valentin, a really great artist of many talents: painter, musician, sculptor, photographer.

The first video tutorial deals with the problem of drawing a human face in eight steps. The drawing has been done with traditional media, but the same technique can be applied to digital art.

The second video tutorials is done with digital media, with Adobe Photoshop, and is related to drawing painting a realistic eye. This tutorial is really interesting, because the author explains also some tips to do the same artwork with traditional pencils.

The third and last video tutorial is related to drawing and painting a realistic mouth. As the previous one, it has been made with digital media, Adobe Photoshop. Like the previous tutorials, you can read author’s comments about the various steps during the video.

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  • 1x1.trans Video Tutorials I – Stéphanie Valentin
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  1. Gilles
    5:31 pm on July 27th, 2009

    Magnifique travail, Félicitation


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