My lovely Friends and Muses!

Alphabetical Order!

Aenea @ Charming Vanity

Cory @ Nocturnal Glare

DolceHoney @ Phoenix Shadow

Eri @ FaithFuless

Flavia @ Florealis

Lia @ Portfelia

Janita @ Vanilla Designs

Jelena @ Enfolio

Joana @ Apyrexia

Marzia @ Cat Eyes

Nadia @ The Butterfly

Nicole @ Naeolia

Noelle @ Karmakaze Designs

Rocco @ DeliciouStyle

Sarah @ Clashiing

Shanna @ Impressive Instant

Skye @ Fairae

Ylenia @ Mechanical Heart

Wintu @ Wintu Art

Apply for Affiliation?

If you want to apply for affiliation, just send me an email with the Contact Form. Please read the RULES first.


1. Only Artfolio/Portfolio sites.
2. No site with inappropriate contents.
3. Be friendly, just leave comments!
4. Italian or English site. At least, you must have an English version.
5. Have experience with html and graphics.
6. Be active!


Please do not direct linking!